Definition of naturally aspirated in English:

naturally aspirated


(also normally aspirated)
  • (especially of an engine) supplied with air without the use of supercharging or turbocharging.

    ‘These engines are all normally aspirated, meaning that a turbo or supercharger can be installed for added power.’
    • ‘These are closed cockpit, purpose-built vehicles that have normally aspirated engines up to 5.5 liters.’
    • ‘It's also smaller and lighter than Honda's regular two litre engine, and at 237 bhp sets a new record for highest specific output for a normally aspirated production car engine.’
    • ‘The normally aspirated engines are mated to a new generation of Volvo's 5-speed manual gearbox.’
    • ‘That's faster than a normally aspirated Porsche 911.’


naturally aspirated

/ˈnôrməlē ˈaspəˌrādid/ /ˈnɔrməli ˈæspəˌreɪdɪd/