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‘A well balanced and complete programme can be offered to the individual by a qualified nutritionist, naturopath or medical herbalist.’
  • ‘Pushed to the fringes of society for most of this century, naturopaths have quietly continued to argue about this homeopathic dilemma.’
  • ‘I am pleased to say she has a beautiful son and, due to our combined efforts, is seriously considering undergoing training to become a naturopath.’
  • ‘In the course of the investigation, a series of letters was sent to alternative practitioners such as naturopaths, homeopaths, and herbalogists.’
  • ‘He saw dieticians, chiropractors and naturopaths.’
  • ‘My naturopath tried several different homeopathic remedies.’
  • ‘And she should see a licensed naturopath or acupuncturist as well.’



/ˈnāCHərəˌpaTH/ /ˈneɪtʃərəˌpæθ/ /ˈnaCHərəˌpaTH/ /ˈnætʃərəˌpæθ/