Definition of naughty bits in English:

naughty bits

plural noun

  • The parts of a person's body connected with sexual activity or attraction, especially the genitals.

    ‘The naughty bits of my body weren't in good shape.’
    • ‘When a movie is described as provocative, it usually means its star has deigned to bare his or her naughty bits for the audience's delectation.’
    • ‘She's as aware as anyone that the lusty thoughts she inspires are the foundation of her celebrity, yet she's sworn an oath never to show her naughty bits in movies.’
    • ‘It also has psychological benefits, and the animals don't have the same emotional attachment to their naughty bits as people do.’
    • ‘I appreciate the fact that Walt covered up the mouse's naughty bits.’
    • ‘Some of the men are naked, but you can't see anything because their belly hides their naughty bits.’
    • ‘This does not mean you should scrub your naughty bits and scamper off to the nearest bathhouse.’


naughty bits

/ˈnôdē bits/ /ˈnɔdi bɪts/