Definition of nauseating in English:



  • Causing or liable to cause a feeling of nausea or disgust; disgusting.

    ‘the stench was nauseating’
    ‘some nauseating, sentimental ditty’
    • ‘Being rushed to hospital by ambulance can be a nauseating business.’
    • ‘Important factual aspects to the plot are meted out in small nuggets of narrative mashed between massive marathons of nauseating nonsense.’
    • ‘Rarely has there been a more nauseating sight in a Scottish newspaper.’
    • ‘The first is the nauseating stench of sewerage which pervades many of the hospital wards.’
    • ‘Given the nauseating stench of fermenting sugarcane, few lingered in the space.’
    • ‘Occasionally, the free speech of those in attendance sunk to nauseating levels.’
    • ‘It shone brightly in the hellish sky, reflecting the nauseating light from the street lamp.’
    • ‘For some time I have had the nauseating feeling that I live in a fascist state.’
    • ‘A nauseating video of cows stumbling on their way to a California slaughterhouse has finally prompted action: the largest recall of meat in American history.’
    • ‘We could see some of them which had toppled over and rolled down the precipitous slopes and remained upside down at most nauseating angles.’
    • ‘Old friends celebrated our defeat and the return to normalcy with a nauseating moral rectitude.’
    • ‘Politicians and papers responded to the documentary with nauseating hypocrisy.’
    • ‘But three weeks later, the rotting carcasses of dead rats had still not been collected, and were producing a nauseating smell.’
    • ‘He hates the decorations, the trees, the gifts and especially the nauseating yuletide happiness.’
    • ‘Now I was seeing it for what it was: a nauseating den of human filth.’
    • ‘But still, the whole letter had the vague, nauseating odor of threatened legal action.’
    • ‘Families living near the refinery say it is also responsible for a nauseating smell that often lasts for several hours.’
    • ‘Patients were terribly emaciated and gave off a nauseating odour which almost halted me at the first door.’
    • ‘The nauseating smell of excrement is unmistakable.’
    • ‘And yet our leaders who talk of freedom and human rights seem to be so silent on this nauseating conduct.’