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  • Of, in, or relating to a navy or navies.

    ‘a naval officer’
    • ‘naval operations’
    • ‘I would like to study about the naval history between the Japanese and the Royal Navy.’
    • ‘He is also an avid historian and often conducts tours of the historical naval base.’
    • ‘The harbour at Suda Bay was the largest in the Mediterranean Sea and an ideal base for naval operations.’
    • ‘The fleet was to surrender, but it was scuttled before it reached the naval base at Scapa Flow.’
    • ‘One former naval officer said the case represented a sea-change in navy management style.’
    • ‘The Royal Navy has once again reiterated that there were no naval vessels or submarines in the area at the time.’
    • ‘A new expanded yard at Portsmouth will be the most modern naval shipbuilding facility in the world.’
    • ‘It was believed to be the largest gathering of naval vessels in Liverpool for decades.’
    • ‘It lies on an American naval base and the only viewing point is 100 metres away.’
    • ‘It took eight hours to load three miles of pipe, using four officers and 40 naval ratings.’
    • ‘The ships are tied up in Portsmouth naval base, with the numbers on board reduced to single figures.’
    • ‘She and her husband have moved south to the Black Sea - away from the naval base that was their home.’
    • ‘We didn't venture as far as the naval base, but found a beautiful spot to camp right by the edge of the Baltic Sea.’
    • ‘In a party scene, she toasts a young woman, newly betrothed to a naval officer.’
    • ‘It was handed down through the generations of the family of one of Cook's fellow naval officers.’
    • ‘Owned by Mexico, the islands are uninhabited except for a naval base on Socorro.’
    • ‘Only its vital strategic importance as a naval base cushioned it from further reprisals.’
    • ‘As a junior naval officer it seems you work very hard for comparatively little salary.’
    • ‘It was this maritime vulnerability that made naval politics the most important of all politics.’
    • ‘The island became very influenced by America and was a base to America's huge Pacific naval fleet.’
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/ˈnāvəl/ /ˈneɪvəl/


Late Middle English from Latin navalis, from navis ‘ship’.