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naval architecture

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  • The designing of ships.

    ‘He is president of a consulting engineering firm that provides naval architecture and marine engineering services.’
    • ‘A professor in the department of naval architecture and ocean engineering said the cut will lead to an immense increase in tuition fees.’
    • ‘He continued his lifelong interest in boat design and naval architecture by renovating the Gemini II.’
    • ‘Captain John Ericsson, a naval engineer, developed the North's first practical ironclad ships, which fought with great effectiveness and revolutionized naval architecture.’
    • ‘China invented the sternpost rudder, a crucial development in naval architecture, in about 200 b.c.’
    • ‘During these same centuries, advances in naval architecture and rigging systems enabled ships to sail much closer to the wind.’
    • ‘After leaving St Mary's, Martin, now 45, had several labouring jobs before going to university to study naval architecture.’
    • ‘After living in London as a teenager, he returned to Glasgow in 1979, to study naval architecture at Strathclyde University.’


naval architecture

/ˈnāvəl ˈärkəˌtek(t)SHər/ /ˈneɪvəl ˈɑrkəˌtɛk(t)ʃər/