Definition of navelwort in English:



  • A low plant of the borage family that resembles the forget-me-not and is cultivated for ground cover and rock gardens.

    Genus Omphalodes, family Boraginaceae: several species, including O. cappadocica, widely introduced from Turkey

    ‘But shrubs are bigger than the little navelworts, and our garden space is finite.’
    • ‘Prominent conglomerate crags occur at two locations, the faces well-vegetated with navelwort, common polypody, other herbs, ferns, and mosses.’
    • ‘Examples of this are certain aeoniums like A. nobilis, A. tabulaeforme, Agave victoria-regina, some large rosulate tillandsias, navelworts, etc.’
    • ‘The pennywort, also called navelwort, is commonly found on European granitic lands, especially in wall and rock crevices.’
    • ‘For plant-lovers the navelworts growing on the walls of an old farm house were spectacular.’
    • ‘Pink blossoms of carnation Dianthus imereticus, white-flowered perennial navelwort Omphalodes kusnetzovii and snow-in-summer Cerastium ponticum are suitable to rock and gravel in which they often choose to grow.’



/ˈnāvəlwərt/ /ˈneɪvəlwərt/ /ˈnāvəlˌwôrt/ /ˈneɪvəlˌwɔrt/