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  • 1Relating to or used for navigation on a route.

    ‘navigational aids like lighthouses or buoys’
    • ‘this is a test of navigational skills, not speed’
    • ‘There was a great need for navigational aids in the form of good sea charts.’
    • ‘When the systems failed, the light aircraft was left without navigational aids, radar, or a radio.’
    • ‘Paul's orienteering and navigational skills were key in their escape.’
    • ‘The sextant, a navigational tool used to indicate latitude, was lent to the museum by a local maritime historian.’
    • ‘They need only the sun and the stars as their navigational tools.’
    • ‘Vera insists on using her cellphone, wreaking havoc with the plane's navigational equipment.’
    • ‘With few provisions and no navigational equipment on the raft, the situation rapidly deteriorated.’
    • ‘The cause of the accident was found to have been navigational error.’
    • ‘The trainees' planes were not equipped with working navigational instruments.’
    • ‘My navigational abilities have been thoroughly honed through three years of city living.’
  • 2Computing
    Relating to the action of moving around a website, the internet, etc.

    ‘the incorporation of navigational aids into Web search tools’
    • ‘Providing navigational aids to assist users in finding information in hypertext systems has been an ongoing research problem for well over a decade.’
    • ‘Links are still the web's most common navigational tool.’
    • ‘The council has redesigned the site, adding new features and enhanced navigational tools.’
    • ‘There is a serious need for navigational aids within the page.’
    • ‘On the far left side of the page are navigational links to sections of the online paper.’
    • ‘Always have good navigational links on every page and place your company logo on each page.’
    • ‘The mouse remains the most common computer navigational device.’
    • ‘Image map systems have been all but abandoned in favour of effects of pull-down or drop-down menus and other navigational devices.’
    • ‘Each one of your pages should support a navigational structure whereby you can access all of your sub pages.’
    • ‘Include a standard navigational structure on every page.’
    • ‘In general, for navigational searches people click the top result more often than they would on an informational search.’
    • ‘Providing navigational buttons to the site's major sections at the bottom or edge of internal pages helps surfers stay oriented.’
    • ‘Make sure all links on the navigational bar are clickable.’



/ˈˌnavəˈɡāSHənl/ /ˈˌnævəˈɡeɪʃənl/ /ˈˌnavəˈɡāSHnəl/ /ˈˌnævəˈɡeɪʃnəl/