Definition of NDA in English:


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  • A nondisclosure agreement.

    ‘he refused to sign an NDA’
    • ‘Your legal department should be able to draft a document called a nondisclosure agreement, or an NDA.’
    • ‘These people will indefinitely be sued by each other for breaking the NDA agreement.’
    • ‘I do believe they ought to be held accountable for publishing trade secrets that were protected under an NDA.’
    • ‘Felten never claimed the prize, and never signed an NDA.’
    • ‘It is a clause which forbids you to hire anybody who works for the company that is making you sign the NDA.’
    • ‘Software copyrights would protect the source code from being copied and distributed even if a programmer violated the NDA.’
    • ‘If they haven't signed an NDA, maybe you should think hard about what you're actually afraid of.’
    • ‘And companies typically make such announcements to their partners in private under NDA and get away with it.’
    • ‘Well, I can't really comment on that yet as we're still under NDA.’
    • ‘Car magazines are protected when they write about upcoming features of cars when those features are leaked, even under NDA.’
    • ‘I tried contacting the company, and was told that they are still filing patents and technical details are only available under NDA.’
    • ‘Even if a source violated an NDA, that doesn't trump the constitutional protection.’
    • ‘If you are asked to sign an NDA, be careful about clauses that may be detrimental to you in the future.’
    • ‘The RIAA had a click-through license on their Web page, stating that any researchers breaking the technology would have to sign an NDA to claim the prize.’
    • ‘One might argue that these webmasters did not know that the information they were publishing was in violation of an NDA.’
    • ‘In this environment, asking if you need an NDA suggests a faith in people that's refreshing.’
    • ‘Any publication with a shred of integrity will respect them, and it makes sense if a site violates an NDA, lawsuits will follow.’
    • ‘In looking at the source and documentation of proprietary drivers under NDA, we discovered that the vendors' code and hardware share many features.’
    • ‘The poor fellow is clearly under NDA, so he can't say too much.’
    • ‘The publication usually signs an NDA where they promise not to comment or editorialize anything until a set date (if any).’