Definition of near-term in English:



  • 1Short-term.

    ‘Transforming the Army is a continuous process that balances near-term readiness with future capabilities to implement the nation's defense strategy.’
    • ‘State racing executives, however, continued to paint a gloomy picture of the industry's near-term future.’
    • ‘I am not optimistic about the near-term futures of corporate governance and corporate reporting in America.’
    • ‘Know a bit about the company, and feel comfortable about them, and their near-term future strategy.’
    • ‘The experimentation is now emerging as a near-term future reality, confirms the author.’
    • ‘They're looking at indicators of near-term activity, and also of long-term activity in the future.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, I think it's important to identify and understand both costs and benefits now, so that we can develop near-term policies which take them into account.’
    • ‘Pitac explained that federal funding in its discipline is ‘excessively focused on near-term problems.’’
    • ‘However, the big test in the near-term will be to convince the public and more importantly, public servants, that the ambitious decentralisation plan is capable of being delivered.’
    • ‘The resilience of household finances is probably a more important barometer of the near-term spending outlook.’
    • ‘Jackson said yesterday that the near-term operating environment for the industry will remain tough, as there are few new broadcasting operators entering the market.’
    • ‘Our near-term - six to 12 months - plan is to be present in 100 cities.’
    • ‘Also embedded in the analysis was a view that the near-term inflationary consequences of higher oil prices are of more concern than the medium-term impact on growth.’
    • ‘The near-term outlook for enactment of new copyright legislation is unclear, and the best guess is that gridlock will prevail.’
    • ‘Nor has the media reported on the near-term prospects for many hundreds of thousands of increasingly desperate civilians.’
    • ‘In the near-term, however, electronic voting may become a barrier to voting for people unfamiliar with computers.’
    • ‘We're accepting a significant near-term risk in order to do that.’
    • ‘Firstly, contrary to the hysteria from the business community, we are not facing any sort of electricity shortage in the near-term.’
    • ‘They made the near-term nuclear threat appear a lot more credible.’
    • ‘This is not an ideal solution, but it will bring some near-term relief.’
    • ‘Service providers haven't completely snapped their wallets shut, but the emphasis for the near-term will be on controlled spending as they look for ways to grow revenues.’
    • ‘However, it is at least a question to be raised as to whether pursuit of a near-term tactical advantage in space will result in a mid- and long-term strategic disadvantage.’
    • ‘It may seem fanciful to some observers, who note the impossibility of projecting growth beyond the near-term, but widely used growth models often take a longer view.’
    • ‘The final section of the book presents concise appraisals of recent financial system trends and near-term predictions by prominent central bank officials.’
    1. 1.1(of a pregnant female or a fetus) close to the time of birth.
      ‘near-term sheep fetuses’
      • ‘The deaths were particularly worrying to conservationists, because six of the whales were adult females, three carrying near-term fetuses.’
      • ‘It was an adult female with a near-term fetus; based on the descriptions in our paper, he was certain it was Indopacetus.’
      • ‘There were 303 term or near-term infants who met the inclusion criteria for the study.’
      • ‘Hypoglycaemia - low blood sugar - was three times as common among near-term babies compared with full-term.’
      • ‘All were fully engaged in providing a future home for their near-term offspring - a home that was threatened by the Great Warming.’



/ˌnirˈtərm/ /ˌnɪrˈtərm/