Definition of near at hand in English:

near at hand


  • Close in distance or time.

    ‘an all-electric future was near at hand’
    • ‘Although she would not look at him, she was always near at hand, so close that he felt he could feel the quickened beating of her heart.’
    • ‘‘Use materials from near at hand,’ advises Massachusetts builder John Abrams.’
    • ‘They do need the comfort of having their relatives and friends near at hand and the knowledge that they are in the capable hands of a dedicated and caring staff of doctors and nurses.’
    • ‘I thought of her as I wrote it, enjoyed imagining her having it always near at hand, lying on the wicker stool by her armchair at home.’
    • ‘When somebody in your family falls ill - whether you are in Orkney or Greenock - you want a health professional near at hand.’
    • ‘And it lists all the towns and cities which it claims are near at hand.’
    • ‘Michael was very popular in Bohola and had a witty word always near at hand.’
    • ‘Addicts need to go through rehab and detox near their families, or have those facilities near at hand.’
    • ‘In whatever vehicle he was driving, a double-barreled, 12-gauge shotgun resided somewhere near at hand.’
    • ‘We had a nice feeling of security to have our own troops so near at hand in this obviously hostile environment and we waved to them happily, but they were sunk in gloom and couldn't raise many smiles.’
    • ‘The two were seated around Mia's desk, cups of cocoa near at hand.’
    • ‘Since these came from islands where the sea is always near at hand, they took root most easily in the coastal strips.’
    • ‘That rifle had been near at hand for so long it had almost seemed a part of me.’
    • ‘Penny now had playmates near at hand and there was always someone for me to talk to.’
    • ‘Her voice was a grand thing near at hand, but Elary couldn't help noticing that it died away quickly against the high ceiling of the cavern.’
    • ‘Lorna set the knives near at hand, then stood ready with a lamp.’
    • ‘These urban dwellers wanted their recreational sites near at hand.’
    • ‘When they were all finally seated around the tables, drinks near at hand, Jerusha started the conversation.’
    • ‘He turned, smashing his fist into one of the statues that were near at hand, causing it to explode violently.’
    close by, close, nearby, close at hand, near at hand, not far away, not far off, in the neighbourhood, in the vicinity, at hand, within reach, within close range, on the doorstep, within earshot, within sight, a stone's throw away, at close quarters, alongside