Definition of near enough in English:

near enough

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  • Sufficiently close to being the case for all practical purposes.

    ‘this price was near enough the going rate for rent’
    • ‘‘Hayley is a perfectionist and near enough is never good enough for her,’ she said.’
    • ‘In fact there's only half a mile or so to go, I can see the lights of the houses, but near enough is good enough, it will have to be.’
    • ‘Bonds were reasonably active, but closed unchanged (or near enough as makes no odds).’
    • ‘Not that we have many heroes to fall, but if they've got hubris they must think they're heroes, so near enough is good enough.’
    • ‘That's near enough 10p each and a third of the price of a single pelleted seed.’
    • ‘The entire pub near enough joined the conga line up and down the street…’
    • ‘That's a hundred thousand pounds, near enough.’
    • ‘Despite spending near enough the entire time at the sailing club, I somehow contrived to only sail once.’
    • ‘I don't have any idea how many wickets he has taken for Netherfield, but he must be near enough top of the pile.’
    • ‘Today was a nightmare. Seriously, I've been in every clothes shop in the city centre near enough.’