Definition of nearsightedly in English:


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mainly North American

See nearsighted

‘It peers nearsightedly around the barn, searching for an opponent.’
  • ‘Ted peered nearsightedly at the sentences on the computer screen and wondered if they made any sense at all.’
  • ‘And there was Mr. Brown, peering nearsightedly in the window.’
  • ‘Water companies are nearsightedly ignoring climate change and energy issues because of a lack of regulatory incentives.’
  • ‘He was standing in front of her now, peering at her nearsightedly over the rims of his glasses, his strange eyes glowing in the light from the fire.’
  • ‘But the worse implication is that some of the highest offices in government are peering nearsightedly at short-term corporate interests to steer their foreign policy.’
  • ‘She reached for the phone, peering nearsightedly at the alarm clock.’



/ˈnirˌsīdədlē/ /ˈnɪrˌsaɪdədli/