Main definitions of neb in English

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Pronunciation /neb/ /nɛb/

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  • 1Scottish, Northern English A nose, snout, or bird's beak.

    • ‘Backed by a seemingly unshakeable conviction, the singer has never been shy of sticking his not inconsiderable neb into the more thorny issues of the day and having a good root around.’
    1. 1.1The brim of a cap.
      • ‘The fellow had his cap on back to front just as you did when you were milking by hand as it meant your head fitted more snuggly into the cow's flank without the cap neb being in the way.’


Old English nebb, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch neb(be); compare with nib.

Main definitions of NEB in English

: neb1NEB2


Pronunciation /ˈˌen ˈˌē ˈbē/ /ˈˌɛn ˈˌi ˈbi/

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  • 1(in the UK) National Enterprise Board.

  • 2New English Bible.