Definition of nebulosity in English:



See nebulous

‘For the outsider, the objects maintain a ‘deliberate vagueness, nebulosity, and ambiguity’ that help preserve their power within Bwami.’
  • ‘Indeed, within the Tarantula complex many such dark and dusty clouds are seen in silhouette as they obscure bright nebulosity behind them.’
  • ‘If you want to see the nebulosity (which is actually dust) surrounding the stars in the cluster, though, you'll need at least a 12-inch telescope.’
  • ‘As I submit to the ever-changing nebulosity above me, the distant melancholy moan of a train whistle carries through the valley and touches me, reminding that I am not alone.’
  • ‘The companion star would emit plenty of its own UV radiation, but this radiation would be blocked in the direction of Eta Carinae by the thick nebulosity of the giant star's surrounding gas, dust, and stellar wind.’



/ˌnebyəˈläsədē/ /ˌnɛbjəˈlɑsədi/