Definition of nebuly in English:



  • Divided or edged with a line formed of deeply interlocking curves.

    ‘Certainly on his seal, Robert's shield showed the nebuly line pattern, and in no fewer than seven rows.’
    • ‘The blue nebuly chief alludes to the sky and denotes the aviation function of the unit.’
    • ‘The blue in the chief represents the heavens and the parting line nebuly the clouds.’
    • ‘The motto is suggested by the chief nebuly, alluding to power and assistance from above.’
    • ‘We are returning this for a redraw as the tuns are unidentifiable and the black line denoting the chief is so thick it appears to be a chief nebuly gules fimbriated sable.’
    • ‘The background of nebuly indicates the clouds in the sky.’
    • ‘Some of the other most common lines of partition are engrailed, invected, wavy, nebuly, indented, dancetty, embattled, raguly, dovetailed, and potenty.’
    • ‘The nebuly fess reflects the wing's interlocking of personnel and mission.’
    • ‘The nebuly partition line is suggestive of clouds and sky.’
    • ‘The nebuly partition line of the chief is intended to represent clouds, whence come the drops of rain blazoned ‘goutty’.’



/ˈnebyəlē/ /ˈnɛbjəli/


Mid 16th century from French nébulé, from medieval Latin nebulatus ‘clouded’ (the curves being thought of as representing clouds), from Latin nebula ‘mist’.