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  • As a necessary result; inevitably.

    ‘the prognosis can necessarily be only an educated guess’
    • ‘Cognitive decline with age is not inevitable, nor does it necessarily lead to dementia.’
    • ‘If you believe in one you don't necessarily have to believe in the other and each has it's arguments.’
    • ‘This is not to say that this research is necessarily unstable and invalid, but that we simply do not know.’
    • ‘Which got me to wondering, do you think that a writer necessarily has an obligation to be a Face to the public?’
    • ‘This totally explodes the theory of a long life necessarily being a lazy one.’
    • ‘Corporates and banks are necessarily going to adapt their behaviour to the standards.’
    • ‘However, not all member states will necessarily see the constitution in that light.’
    • ‘Once again, it is not the act itself that is necessarily the real problem but the cover-up.’
    • ‘I'm a bit pushed for time so this first edition will necessarily be a little superficial.’
    • ‘Does the fact that something is a tradition necessarily make it more acceptable?’
    • ‘We had a consistency about winning but we didn't necessarily hit the heights in every game.’
    • ‘I don't think my views would necessarily be compatible with some of those of my readers.’
    • ‘Why do we single out sex offenders as necessarily different from other criminals?’
    • ‘Having a child isn't necessarily a right and not everyone is entitled to have children.’
    • ‘It seemed to me that this necessarily complex structure was ruined beyond recall.’
    • ‘Even keeping your pet in the garden isn't going to necessarily prevent an accident.’
    • ‘We do not have powers which will necessarily allow us to peer into the ultimate mysteries.’
    • ‘However, the fact that a species was listed did not mean it was necessarily in decline.’
    • ‘They don't necessarily arrive at the start of a new season or endure until its end.’
    • ‘She has created her own rules in a society that doesn't necessarily approve of them.’
    automatically, as a direct consequence, as a direct result, as an automatic consequence, as an automatic result, as a matter of course, by definition, certainly, surely, definitely, incontrovertibly, undoubtedly, axiomatically
    unavoidably, of necessity, by force of circumstance, by force majeure, inevitably, inescapably, ineluctably
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/ˌnesəˈserəlē/ /ˌnɛsəˈsɛrəli/


    not necessarily
    • (as a response) what has been said or suggested may not be true or unavoidable.