Definition of necessitarianism in English:




See necessitarian

‘The only argument I know of for truthmaker necessitarianism is that given by David Armstrong.’
  • ‘This, the usual and most logical form of necessitarianism, is called the mechanical philosophy.’
  • ‘Then in his responses to necessitarianism Leibniz can say that the necessitarianism he's avoiding is a logical necessitarianism.’
  • ‘I argue that maximalism should be rejected and that once it is we only have reason to hold a restricted form of necessitarianism.’
  • ‘I argue that it was mainly by insisting upon the ontological implications of this concept of possibility that he came to form a concept of contingency that he considered sufficiently strong to counter Spinozist necessitarianism.’



/nəˌsesəˈterēəˌnizəm/ /nəˌsɛsəˈtɛriəˌnɪzəm/