Definition of neck-collar in English:


Pronunciation /ˈnɛkˌkɒlə/


  • 1A collar worn by a person. In quot. 1821 figurative: a hangman's noose. Now chiefly historical.

  • 2A collar used in leading, tethering, or harnessing an animal; especially that part of the harness of a draught horse that fits round the base of the neck.

  • 3A collar placed round the neck of an animal as part of a research programme, usually to aid identification.

  • 4A natural band or ring of contrasting colour on the neck of an animal, especially a bird.

  • 5An advertising or branding label placed round the neck of a bottle.


Late 15th century; earliest use found in MS Court Rolls Long Bennington, Lincolnshire. From neck + collar.