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neck and neck

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  • Even in a race, competition, or comparison.

    ‘we have six contestants who are neck and neck’
    • ‘It happened just as a Gold Cup was reaching its closing stages, with about five horses racing neck and neck.’
    • ‘In this instance, you have the unsavory spectacle of blatant cynicism racing neck and neck with latent xenophobia.’
    • ‘Helian jumped up right behind her, and soon they were racing neck and neck.’
    • ‘They had not had things all their own way and the race was neck and neck until the last 200 meters.’
    • ‘The pair were neck and neck over the last and fought it out right to the winning post, with the judge needing several minutes to separate them in a photo finish.’
    • ‘Have you ever been in the stands at a race meeting when ‘your’ horse is neck and neck on that last half furlong?’
    • ‘These two evenly matched players compete neck and neck and so the mental element will make the difference.’
    • ‘Polls put the two main candidates neck and neck at the head of a race with 24 candidates in all, making a run-off next month almost certain.’
    • ‘Throughout the competition, a number of teams were neck and neck and it was only in the final rounds that the winners were evident.’
    • ‘Tonight, it's the night before the election and the race for the White House is neck and neck.’
    • ‘Till the end of the race, they were neck and neck and at the end of the race, they couldn't tell who won.’
    • ‘The sudden rise in poll fortunes last month, when the party was neck and neck with Labour for the first time in a decade, appears to have been little more than a blip.’
    • ‘He was neck and neck with someone, almost to the finish line when the pounding of fresh rain brought him to life again.’
    • ‘I think Fionn, Katrina, and Marla are all running neck and neck.’
    • ‘We were neck and neck, him matching me stride for stride, the sounds of the screaming crowd overwhelming the sounds of us.’
    • ‘Recent opinion polls suggest the Liberals and Conservatives are neck and neck in national popular support.’
    • ‘She caught up, and we were neck and neck, going as fast as we possibly could.’
    • ‘The challenger was already running neck and neck with the incumbent president.’
    • ‘Quitting smoking is always a big winner for the top New Year's resolution - running neck and neck with losing weight.’
    • ‘The two cars were soon neck and neck, engines screaming down the narrow roadway.’
    • ‘Going into the final game, the two sides were neck and neck, so everything hinged on the 30-minute match.’
    • ‘Two of the horses were neck and neck down to the finish line with a crowd of cowboys and cowgirls cheering them on.’
    • ‘In terms of reputation, the two architects were neck and neck by the time Hitler came to power.’
    equal, tied, nip and tuck, side by side, with nothing to choose between them, close together
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neck and neck

/ˌnek (ə)n ˈnek/ /ˌnɛk (ə)n ˈnɛk/