Definition of neckcloth in English:



  • A cravat.

    ‘But his dress was as peculiar as his wife's, a large black coat of an antique cut over a long waistcoat and a neckcloth, with knee-length breeches and buckled shoes.’
    • ‘Philip did likewise with his own neckcloth and footwear, but draped his coat more neatly over the back of a chair, with attention for its elegant lines.’
    • ‘‘Gentlemen in dark blue coats with brass buttons and high neckcloths discussed ‘Horseflesh’ over a glass of wine,’ she writes.’
    • ‘He strung his neckcloth around his neck and retrieved his waistcoat from the chair.’
    • ‘Tugging at my neckcloth, I went to the washstand to be met in the mirror by a gangly figure in a threadbare tailcoat and homespun stockings more gray than white.’
    • ‘I kept my eyes on the blanketed ground as I fumbled with my neckcloth.’
    • ‘She was even faster than her father, who was rather fastidious about which neckcloth he wore on different nights.’



/ˈnekˌklôTH/ /ˈnɛkˌklɔθ/