Definition of neckerchief in English:


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  • A square of cloth worn around the neck.

    ‘A neckerchief round a sore throat will sometimes nip colds in the bud.’
    • ‘And it looked quite similar to how a neckerchief or scarf might appear around the neck when worn, in fact.’
    • ‘A colonial attire that is still seen on males in the rural areas is loose baggy pants called bombachas, and a short jacket with a neckerchief in place of a shirt.’
    • ‘Gathering up Hornblower's vest, topcoat, neckerchief, and hat he bounded out the door.’
    • ‘Wearing their bright yellow sweatshirts and neckerchiefs, which are so easily recognisable, they stand out like a badge of courage.’
    • ‘The actor Steve McQueen was notorious for stealing scenes in which he had no dialogue by ostentatiously fiddling with the brim of his Stetson or adjusting his neckerchief.’
    • ‘Nearly everyone dresses in the traditional white with red neckerchiefs and sashes.’
    • ‘A green jacket covered her body, over a white blouse at the neck of which was fastened with an ornate brooch a lace neckerchief.’
    • ‘The fact that he wore a girly neckerchief and Harlequin cap, not typical Aussie attire, made him an easy target.’
    • ‘Our waiter was dressed as a cowboy with Elvis sunglasses and a neckerchief.’
    • ‘He handed her one of the navy blue neckerchiefs worn with their uniforms.’
    • ‘The radiant heat beat against his face and before long, he wrapped his neckerchief around his face because the air was so hot.’
    • ‘He tied his neckerchief around his throat then put his hat on before he opened the front door.’
    • ‘The group is a leading supplier of neckerchiefs for scouts and guides in the UK and Europe.’
    • ‘She was on her knees beside him, loosening his neckerchief.’
    • ‘The smell was so bad that Renji, who was right next to the door, had pulled up his neckerchief; he looked like a western bandit.’
    • ‘Stelta began to choke, he loosened his neckerchief hurriedly, to get more air but it had little effect.’
    • ‘Wearing her official dress, including frothy neckerchief, she made a short speech as she accepted her certificate.’
    • ‘Laura decides to place her father's old Cub Scout neckerchief to a tree root in front of the tower where Grandfather's name is painted.’
    • ‘In my scarlet red neckerchief, I really thought I was a big cheese.’



/ˈnekərˌCHif/ /ˈnɛkərˌtʃɪf/ /ˈnekərˌCHēf/ /ˈnɛkərˌtʃif/