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  • The edge of a woman's garment at or below the neck, used with reference to its height or shape.

    ‘a sundress with a square neckline’
    • ‘Cut the garment neckline, sleeves and lower edge to the desired finished length.’
    • ‘There will be lots of beautifully beaded necklines and embroidered bodices.’
    • ‘Be sure to staystitch garment edges that might stretch, such as the neckline and armholes.’
    • ‘The bodice was subtly ruched and the low neckline showed off her creamy neck and shoulders.’
    • ‘The most common type of sweater sold for men, crew neck sweaters are characterized by round, tight-fitting necklines.’
    • ‘The neckline, waist and edges of the sleeves were adorned with delicate white lace.’
    • ‘Be aware of what necklines and shapes your partner wears.’
    • ‘She had dressed in a thin, blue muslin gown with a low neckline to show off her décolletage.’
    • ‘At the same time, necklines are falling and hemlines rising.’
    • ‘With her high necklines and long hemlines, she wasn't getting anybody excited.’
    • ‘Inappropriate necklines and waistlines can give the wrong impression.’
    • ‘She was wearing a lovely dark purple dress with a low neckline and three-quarter sleeves.’
    • ‘Sleeveless tank tops and any neckline that dares dip below your collarbone are out of the question.’
    • ‘It was a dark purple sleeveless dress, trimmed with lilac beads around the neckline and the hem.’
    • ‘Also, their t-shirts are really good quality - good thickness, lovely cotton, great necklines.’
    • ‘This particular form of tailoring is tight and tiny, cut with soft, rounded shoulders, open necklines and small waists which are sometimes belted.’
    • ‘Tight black bodices were laced up the front, and the necklines were very low.’
    • ‘They usually have a long neckline, which is rolled over once for a better fit.’
    • ‘With it, she wore a simple purple shirt with a neckline that was not quite low, but by no means modest.’
    • ‘It looks fantastic on her, but I'm not sure the huge necklace matches the ruffle neckline.’
    • ‘The dress had a square neckline and flowed all the way down to my ankles.’



/ˈnekˌlīn/ /ˈnɛkˌlaɪn/