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necktie party

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dated, offensive North American
  • A lynching in which a person or people are hanged.

    • ‘By then, I'll assume we would have already had necktie parties for all such scapegoats.’
    • ‘And when caught, the hoss thief had a date with a Colt.45 or an invite to a necktie party.’
    • ‘I see some long legal proceedings against a bunch of ex-Bush administration officials beginning in January of 2009 and maybe involving some necktie parties in the end.’
    • ‘And while most of the punishments went off ‘without a hitch,’ a handful of necktie parties and firing squads stand out in the annals of history.’’
    • ‘Narrowly escaping a frontier ‘necktie party,’ outlaw Buster Crabbe teams up with sidekicks Raymond Hatton and Johnny Downs for exciting, and at times comical, Western adventures. 59 min.’
    • ‘The Americans, in their typical boisterousness, immediately started organizing lynch mobs, hosting necktie parties where a man would be hung by the neck till death for the criminal act of being born black.’
    capital punishment, the death penalty, being put to death, killing


necktie party

/ˈnekˌtī ˈpärdē/ /ˈnɛkˌtaɪ ˈpɑrdi/