Definition of necrologist in English:



  • The author of an obituary notice.

    ‘But for the moment, I am pleased to have been given this chance to contrive my own fable and plead my own case before the necrologists get at me.’
    • ‘But this entry, whatever your position on its concluding sentence, summarizes an argument that necrologists of the 19c have advanced - among them Philippe Aries.’
    • ‘As class necrologist, you bring deceased classmates’ stories to life by talking with the people who knew them best - family, friends and former College roommates.’
    • ‘And thanks to the exigencies of the English syllabus I was soon introduced to better verse on this subject than the doggerel of the anonymous necrologist of St Mary's.’
    • ‘Comparison of modern and ancient cemeteries clarifies how the people of the ancient world perceived life and death, a subject of interest not only to necrologists.’



/nəˈkräləjəst/ /nəˈkrɑlədʒəst/