Definition of necrotizing in English:



(also British necrotising)
  • Causing or accompanied by necrosis.

    ‘necrotizing pancreatitis’
    • ‘We describe a case of intussusception of the terminal ileum, accompanied by necrotizing lymphadenitis with extensive infarction in a 4-year-old child with thalassemia major.’
    • ‘Her past medical history was significant for necrotizing pancreatitis with pseudocyst formation 10 years prior to the current presentation and a 2-year history of a cyst in the head of the pancreas.’
    • ‘Most preterm infants who develop necrotising enterocolitis have received enteral feeds.’
    • ‘Autopsies of 300 victims revealed severe necrotizing lesions in the lining of the upper respiratory tract, as well as in the bronchioles, alveoli, and lung capillaries.’
    • ‘Broad-spectrum coverage is likely to combat the pathogens that can cause necrotizing soft tissue infections.’
    • ‘Family physicians should maintain a high index of suspicion for necrotizing external otitis in immunocompromised patients who have external otitis.’
    • ‘Thus, signs of soft tissue edema, erythema, ulceration, bullae, or necrosis should prompt the inclusion of necrotizing soft tissue infection in differential diagnoses.’
    • ‘In others, the diagnosis of aspiration pneumonia was invoked at a late stage of the disease, when necrotizing pneumonia or lung abscess has developed.’
    • ‘Demonstration of necrotic tissue on fine-needle aspiration of infected tissue also is important in establishing the diagnosis of necrotizing soft tissue infection.’
    • ‘No obvious necrotizing lesions, edema, or herniations were present.’
    • ‘Predominant neuropathological features of cerebral toxoplasmosis is multifocal necrotizing encephalitis.’
    • ‘Among the variations of scleritis, necrotizing scleritis with inflammation is the most destructive.’
    • ‘Microscopic sections of right and left lungs revealed a focally hemorrhagic, necrotizing pneumonia.’



/ˈnekrəˌtīziNG/ /ˈnɛkrəˌtaɪzɪŋ/