Definition of nectareous in English:


Pronunciation /nekˈte(ə)rēəs/


See nectar

‘There's definitely a great round-up of delicious, ambrosial and nectareous recipes for all of us to try!’
  • ‘The 1998 vintage is particularly well balance and has a long nectareous after taste.’
  • ‘He had never tasted such delicious, scrumptious, crispy, luscious, delectable, exquisite, ambrosial, nectareous, yummy lettuce in aaaaaaall of his life.’
  • ‘It is a smooth luscious port with nectareous overtones.’
  • ‘Even in Hungary, we never tried a 20-year-old bottle, but it was worth it for the nectareous substance.’
  • ‘They have likewise the same habit of concealing themselves for a length of time carefully gleaning for small larvae, or sipping the nectareous juices of the opening blossoms of the trees they delight to frequent.’
  • ‘Rice flour crackers, served on the side or piled right on top of the noodles, add crunch and (very important) another means by which to sop up the nectareous sweet, sour, fragrant, and spicy gravy that results when noodles, chicken, sambal, condiments, and broth are mixed.’