Definition of needlefish in English:


nounplural noun needlefish, plural noun needlefishes

  • Any of a number of long, slender fish with elongated beaklike jaws containing sharply pointed teeth.

    Also called garfish

    ‘Flyingfishes are nested within halfbeaks, and sauries are nested within needlefishes.’
    • ‘The phylogenetic position of needlefishes relative to halfbeaks fits his prediction.’
    • ‘As juveniles, these fish compete with needlefishes and small snapper for food.’
    • ‘For example, the long jaws of gar and needlefish arose independently and give these disparate taxa the most velocity specialized mandibles yet measured in fishes.’
    • ‘Ubiquitous fusiliers massed by the thousand, with blue triggers, dozens of needlefish and swarms of other smaller reef fish.’



/ˈnēd(ə)lfiSH/ /ˈnid(ə)lfɪʃ/