Definition of needlessness in English:



See needless

‘Indeed, the lunatic profligacy of the enterprise - its needlessness, its expense in lives, money and reputation - was for them the best argument in its favor.’
  • ‘Rushabh Sadiwala writes about the needlessness of religion’
  • ‘The better it is, the more it reminds me of all that I said above, and the needlessness of it, which invariably fouls my mood for the morning.’
  • ‘‘Sentimental theories about the needlessness of the Civil War,’ Schlesinger also warned, in a reference to the just dawning cold war, must not lull Americans into the view that ‘our own struggles against evil [are] equally needless.’’
  • ‘And as Ebraun's buddies probably shared his views on the needlessness of her calling, she was going to feel very out of place.’



/ˈnēdləsnəs/ /ˈnidləsnəs/