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transitive verb

[with object]
  • 1Nullify; make ineffective.

    ‘alcohol negates the effects of the drug’
    • ‘The problem is that alcohol negates the effects of the medication, and greatly exacerbates my condition.’
    • ‘Psychiatrists point out that alcohol itself is a depressant and may negate the effects of anti-depressant medication.’
    • ‘They have to continue with unpredictable flight times and routes and counter measures in the air to negate the effect of these missiles.’
    • ‘The burden of wading through up to 1000 e-mails on their return frequently had the effect of immediately negating the positive effects of their annual break.’
    • ‘In view of lack of supply, the national campaign suffers and the shortage of vaccine results in prolonged gap between the second dose which negates the effect of the first dose.’
    • ‘I don't mean to take this into a ‘blame the victim’ argument, but clearly the youth is a product of its environment, and so we can't negate the effect of their upbringing.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the promotional work to negate the effects of the foot and mouth scare commenced in the middle of the crisis with an advertising campaign in the national press.’
    • ‘In the process she has faced round after round of blood transfusions and radical hospital treatment to negate the effects of the illness that is destroying her bone marrow.’
    • ‘The finance minister and senior cabinet colleagues believe that otherwise crèche fees will increase and negate the effect of more child benefit and tax breaks.’
    • ‘I take supplements to try and offset or negate the effects of the ubiquitous poisons in our food and environment.’
    • ‘Now, it turns out that this gas killed approximately 100 of the hostages and Russian officials refused to tell doctors what was in the gas or give them direction on how its effects could be negated.’
    • ‘This is not the place to enter an exhaustive treatment of food therapy but enough so that one who uses biomagnetic therapy will be able to achieve the most optimal results without negating the effects with inappropriate diet.’
    • ‘However, these holes would be routinely covered up by the fingers of smokers, thus negating their effect and resulting in a cigarette equally toxic as regular cigarettes.’
    • ‘Diet was nor restricted in this study, so it's possible the women increased their food intake, thus negating the effects of their exercise regimen.’
    • ‘If they are allowed to encounter one another, they will rapidly recombine and form water again, negating the effect of the catalyst.’
    • ‘That almost ensures that they will be rocking backward and using body leverage, thereby negating the effect of the curl.’
    • ‘Roth might have benefitted from a little more restraint to keep things more disturbing, yet instead adopts a gung-ho approach that ultimately negates the overall effect.’
    • ‘Ethanol was the only component that significantly increased baseline DNA damage rate, however, this effect was negated in the mixture.’
    • ‘It would culminate in an increase in the rate at which the general level of the price of goods and services in the economy is increased, and negate the positive effect which the latest lowering of oil and petrol prices may have had.’
    invalidate, nullify, render null and void, render invalid, make ineffective, neutralize, cancel, cancel out
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  • 2Logic Grammar
    Make (a clause, sentence, or proposition) negative in meaning.

    ‘What we did there was just negate the A. We wanted to negate the whole sentence.’
    • ‘In some English dialects, after all, a double negative reinforces a negative, it doesn't negate it.’
    • ‘I've suggested that Rice's utterance is unlikely to be function-free, and also that it's unlikely to have been used to question, negate, or contradict.’
  • 3Deny the existence of (something)

    ‘negating the political nature of education’
    • ‘It is difficult to see why dialogue negates or denies the existence of authority.’
    • ‘Using video, we were able to disrupt stable, everyday causalities, and to circumvent the logic that negates the existence of fanciful signs or places of superstition in our environment.’
    • ‘Disaster and evil seem to me no more to negate the existence of God than they negate the existence of love and courage.’
    • ‘Moreover, since all human arrangements are vulnerable to changes in circumstances, the possibility that a planned robbery might be cancelled if there are police in the vicinity at the time does not negate the existence of a conspiracy.’
    • ‘I'll admit, I think it's often exaggerated greatly for that purpose, but such exaggeration doesn't negate it's existence.’
    • ‘It is reduced, therefore, to vindicating its national glory by attempting to negate the military and political power of the United States.’
    • ‘This is the shadow side of desire, manifested in the impulse to negate, deny, and reject that which is unpleasant or unwelcome.’
    • ‘But does that negate the imperial nature of our power?’
    • ‘In itself, the accent on international governing bodies does not negate the political sovereignty of individual nations.’
    • ‘In truth, she could not have known she had fallen into this realm as the mere awareness of self and location whether spatial or otherwise would negate the very nature of the state itself.’
    • ‘The massive cloaks of both Virgin and Magi are the most distinctive feature of the relief; by concealing and negating the body beneath they deny the Greek heritage that is so conspicuous a feature of his other work.’
    • ‘Far from negating any prior novation the negotiations may reinforce its existence, recognising as they do the need for a novation if business efficacy was to be given to the arrangements in force.’
    • ‘The existence of a biological substrate, however, does not negate the importance of the social construction and feminist analysis models of the development and expression of sexuality.’
    • ‘Even though outwardly he denied wanting her, Ethan could no longer negate the need of her presence in his life.’
    • ‘The existence of packet loss does not negate the viability for storage traffic over IP.’
    • ‘Colonial rule, in denying democracy, seemed to negate any concept of the state's duty to its subjects.’
    • ‘It doesn't negate an interest in politics, history, ethics or humanity at large, or mean you have no self-respect.’
    • ‘We live most of our lives in a constant process of negating the base realities of nature, yet when it comes to sex we suddenly think nature has all the answers.’
    • ‘If we are one in Christ, then our unity in him, while suppressing the partition of individual natures, in no way negates personal plurality.’
    • ‘The purpose of this paper has not been to negate or refute the historical memories of the generation that came of age during Japan's dark valley.’
    deny, dispute, call into question, contradict, refute, rebut, discredit, disclaim, reject, repudiate
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/nəˈɡāt/ /nəˈɡeɪt/


Early 17th century (in negate (sense 1, negate sense 3)): from Latin negat- ‘denied’, from the verb negare.