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  • 1Suffering a lack of proper care.

    ‘some severely neglected children’
    • ‘The court was told that a neglected red canary and a hamster were also found in the shop.’
    • ‘That would mean each vulnerable member of society, from frail pensioner to neglected child, being given the time and care they needed.’
    • ‘Previous retrospective assessments in younger samples of childhood victimization and neglect have found that neglected boys and girls were at higher risk for arrests for violent crimes.’
    • ‘Who votes on behalf of abused and neglected children?’
    • ‘I daresay there is not enough space at your lodgings, and I have already become Mr. Wade's home for neglected animals.’
    • ‘In October 2000, the Post-Gazette asked judges in two counties to permit the press and public into two high-profile juvenile court cases involving abused and neglected children.’
    • ‘Adoption offers a real alternative so that childhood, for many abused and neglected children, will become more than a test of endurance.’
    • ‘I banged on about malnourished and neglected old persons, but not everyone believed me.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, notes Gregory, states have guardianship of abused and neglected foster children and have a responsibility to protect them.’
    • ‘Kelly thinks she is alone and abandoned in the present, when she actually is reliving her past as a neglected child.’
    • ‘Our much-appreciated donations would be better spent caring for unwanted pets, abused and neglected animals, and sick or injured wildlife.’
    • ‘The research project aims to assess whether experiences of child maltreatment affect the operation of memory in abused and neglected children.’
    • ‘It was a moving segment, following the unfortunate lives of several such neglected pets.’
    • ‘In addition, the owner may be ordered to reimburse the county or private organization for the costs of caring for the neglected horse.’
    uncared for, mistreated, abandoned, forsaken
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    1. 1.1Not receiving proper attention; disregarded.
      ‘a neglected area of research’
      • ‘I think it is a neglected area, and I think that just follows the trend of psychology in general and a lot of areas.’
      • ‘I wish we would have this kind of pledges in all the forgotten and neglected emergencies in Africa and elsewhere, where also hundreds of thousands of lives are at stake.’
      • ‘Assured that the Virginia frontier was safe from French attack, Washington left the army in 1758 and returned to Mount Vernon, directing his attention toward restoring his neglected estate.’
      • ‘Conversely, if an unknown or neglected composer has written just one work that is excellent in its craftsmanship we should be equally honest and say so.’
      • ‘Despite this, the present study is deemed relevant because it provided insight into a neglected area of service provision, and confirmed and added to earlier studies.’
      • ‘If the parties want to increase the significance of these neglected assembly elections as well as their own political responsibilities, they could do so by intensifying their campaigning.’
      • ‘Since I have to catch up with a number of neglected chores and duties from these last couple of weeks, blogging will be light for a few days.’
      • ‘This excellent record of his thoughtful and troubled career as architect, restorer, scholar, and writer throws much light on a neglected and turbulent period of Victorian architecture.’
      • ‘Life in the neglected U.S. Army of the interwar years is often portrayed as routine, dull, and unchallenging.’
      • ‘Simultaneously he recommended the rebuilding of neglected land resources, notably farm woodlands, pasture, and hay lands.’
      • ‘Portuguese is a largely neglected cuisine, and I think unfairly.’
      • ‘Its wonderful treatment of capital theory - in particular the often neglected distinction between rent and interest - was just icing on the cake.’
      • ‘I recommend that all family physicians read this article for better awareness of this important, but sometimes neglected topic.’
      • ‘In his account, the government emerged with a more explicit role as a generator of economic growth, and urbanisation was shown to be a hitherto neglected feature.’
      • ‘The past forty years have demonstrated how people instinctively turn to the past to help understand the present and how events draw our attention to previously neglected historical subjects.’
      • ‘Making face-to-face contact with customers, distributors, and the press is one of the most powerful yet most neglected marketing tools in the region.’
      • ‘This horseshoe-shaped, Victorian theatre is a neglected treasure.’
      • ‘But the book is not just a lurid story; he has spent the requisite time in the archives, among neglected diaries and correspondence.’
      • ‘He provides thereby an often neglected human dimension to science.’
      • ‘The solution was to revive the neglected craft of soap making.’
      disregarded, forgotten, overlooked, ignored, unrecognized, unnoticed, unsung, underestimated, undervalued, unappreciated, passed over, spurned
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/nəˈɡlektəd/ /nəˈɡlɛktəd/