Definition of negotiability in English:



See negotiable

‘A key characteristic in African inheritance systems is the negotiability of rules and relationships and these rules and relationships concern rights over persons.’
  • ‘In The Street, a dialectic always buzzes between the need for order, negotiability, and legibility (even the inevitability of them) and the material facts that seem always to escape or exceed them.’
  • ‘Then they try to buy them based on the negotiability of the horses.’
  • ‘On the basis of a total negotiability and equality of views it would make a process of devising cultural ethnicity and producing an official version of tradition very difficult and time-consuming.’
  • ‘Two short clinical vignettes illustrate the adolescent's capacity to move from impulsivity to negotiability, insight and reflection.’



/nəˌɡōSH(ē)əˈbilədē/ /nəˌɡoʊʃ(i)əˈbɪlədi/