Definition of neighborhood watch in English:

neighborhood watch

Pronunciation /ˈnābərˌho͝od wäCH/ /ˈneɪbərˌhʊd wɑtʃ/


  • A program of systematic local vigilance by residents of a neighborhood to discourage crime, especially burglary.

    ‘Luckily I was in smart pants and shirt or I'd have been dragged away by the local neighborhood watch.’
    • ‘The residents' group will be working with police and the neighbourhood watch to help build community spirit, hold fundraising events and tackle the rising crime.’
    • ‘Ian Brockman from Greenville, South Carolina: ‘If the Minutemen are a vigilante group, does that also make an organized neighborhood watch a vigilante group as well?’’
    • ‘It's like a neighborhood watch, but the neighborhoods are vulnerable spots near critical infrastructures where it would be suspicious for someone to wander.’
    • ‘Mrs Crowther belongs to the neighbourhood watch and admires the two hard-working local beat police, but says they are ridiculously undermanned.’
    • ‘Mr Rowley said that it was important communities stuck together to fight crime and is hoping to set up a neighbourhood watch in the area.’
    • ‘Stenning says community-based methods of crime prevention such as neighbourhood watch have had only modest success compared with many ‘green’ campaigns.’
    • ‘The period before Christmas is always a dangerous time so people should inform the police or their neighbourhood watch if they see any suspicious-looking characters around.’
    • ‘But the parents raised money and built a playground and started a neighbourhood watch.’
    • ‘First Northern Trains confirmed they were working with the police and the neighbourhood watch to try to improve the situation and said they hoped to replace the stairwell with metal handrails in the near future.’
    • ‘Bar the stupidity of the programming, it was only a matter of time before the sim management genre left the happy environment of the neighbourhood watch and headed down the route of the gangster in downtown crime land.’
    • ‘This had inadvertently been left in the road by a liberator of household possessions who had been disturbed as he was breaking into the property by the arrival of the neighbourhood watch.’
    • ‘Efforts to establish a Cathedral Watch - on the lines of a neighbourhood watch - have been intensified following the latest incidents.’
    • ‘Now, rail bosses, the neighbourhood watch, the town council and the borough council are putting their heads together to find a solution.’
    • ‘The manuscripts are still in the bomb shelter, guarded by a seven-day a week neighbourhood watch.’
    • ‘Asking congress to sort out corruption is like asking Jack the Ripper to organise a neighbourhood watch.’
    • ‘Coleen, who organized the neighborhood watch, is the breadwinner.’
    • ‘The Minutemen are essentially like people involved in a neighborhood watch.’
    • ‘There were leaflets on neighbourhood watch and crime prevention on the night and many residents felt that other close communities like Burren should follow our example and set up a similar style group in their area.’
    • ‘The crime choir chime on about feeling unsafe, without ever attending a community policing forum or offering to serve on a neighbourhood watch.’