Definition of neither chick nor child in English:

neither chick nor child


dialect North American
  • No children at all.

    ‘Some policy analysts, like myself, have neither chick nor child, and are dealing solely with educational theory.’
    • ‘She had neither chick nor child poor soul, but she was well-respected and good to the poor.’
    • ‘I have left to me neither chick nor child; all are gone, and in my will I have left you everything.’
    • ‘I look back and see how the universe opened the way and here I am five years later, a full-time professional protester of no fixed abode and neither chick nor child to show for it.’
    • ‘I will say in a hot minute that I have neither chick nor child in that war so can sleep at night because nobody will be showing up on my doorstep to tell me my loved ones is dead.’