Definition of nem. con. in English:

nem. con.


  • Nemine contradicente, with no one dissenting; unanimously.

    ‘the motions were carried nem. con’
    • ‘The clause for removing the President on impeachment by the House of Reps. and conviction in the supreme Court, of Treason, Bribery or corruption, was postponed nem. con. at the instance of Mr. Govr.’
    • ‘It was agreed, nem. con., that the officers of the Association should be delegated to appoint a new treasurer and that they should do so wish all expedition.’
    • ‘Instead of ‘to build and equip fleets,’ ‘to provide and maintain a navy,’ was agreed to, nem. con., as a more convenient definition of the power.’
    • ‘The additional clauses that formally prevent members of the Organising Committee benefiting from their status (proposed as Section 4, Clause 5), and establish a procedure in the event of the BCTCS ceasing (proposed as Section 8, Clause 1) were both approved nem. con. by the meeting.’


nem. con.

/ˈnem ˈkän/ /ˈnɛm ˈkɑn/


From Latin nemine contradicente.