Definition of nematic in English:



  • Relating to or denoting a state of a liquid crystal in which the molecules are oriented in parallel but not arranged in well-defined planes.

    • ‘Molecules in the nematic liquid crystal phase stay parallel to one another.’
    • ‘Many are eyeing nematic elastomers, which can deform 400% in response to heating or cooling.’
    • ‘Liquid crystal composite with droplets of plural chiral nematic materials with different reflection bands’
    • ‘At the macroscopic scale, samples held in test-tubes spontaneously demix under the influence of gravity into a top isotropic phase and a bottom birefringent nematic phase.’
    • ‘Results indicate that alignment in charged nematic media is a function not only of the solute's shape, but also of its electric multipole moments of net charge, dipole, and quadrupole.’


  • A nematic substance.

    ‘For low concentrations of added BSA the MTs form a nematic, whereas at higher concentrations the rectangular bundle phase is observed.’
    ‘The presences of very small amounts of MAPs greatly suppress the nematic to rectangular bundle transition.’


Early 20th century from Greek nēma, nēmat- ‘thread’ + -ic.