Definition of nemesia in English:



  • A plant related to the snapdragon that is cultivated for its colorful, obliquely funnel-shaped flowers.

    Genus Nemesia, family Scrophulariaceae: several species, in particular N. strumosa and its hybrids

    ‘Petunias, snapdragons and nemesia are good annuals to add in the fall.’
    • ‘In zones 15-17, you can also plant calceolaria, cineraria, nemesia, and schizanthus.’
    • ‘The lower bed holds mostly annuals including yellow and orange nemesias, and pink godetias.’
    • ‘Low, mounding chamomile and creeping thymes grow between the nemesias.’
    • ‘Small-flowered plants such as asters, coral bells, nemesia, and yarrow are great fillers.’



/nəˈmēZH(ē)ə/ /nəˈmiʒ(i)ə/


Modern Latin, from Greek nemesion, denoting various similar plants.