Definition of nemo dat in English:

nemo dat


(also nemo dat quod non habet)
  • The basic principle that a person who does not own property, especially a thief, cannot confer it on another except with the true owner's authority.

    ‘Thus, the rule nemo dat quod non habet applies to a bill of exchange subject to considerable modifications.’
    • ‘And in addition to the essays, a problem question regarding the exceptions to nemo dat (a man can't give good title, unless he has the title to give) and another problem question concerning the Sale of Goods Act.’
    • ‘Other Kansas cases also recognize the principle of nemo dat in commercial transactions.’
    • ‘It is at the consummation stage where the principle of nemo dat quod non habet applies.’
    • ‘My PhD thesis is a comparative analysis of the USA and UK approaches to the exceptions to the rule of nemo dat quod non habet in the sale of goods.’


nemo dat

/ˌnēmō ˈdät/ /ˌnimoʊ ˈdɑt/ /ˌnāmō ˈdät/ /ˌneɪmoʊ ˈdɑt/


Latin, literally ‘no one gives (what he or she does not have)’.