Definition of nephrotoxic in English:



  • Damaging or destructive to the kidneys.

    ‘The common potentially reversible causes are sepsis, excessive diuresis or paracentesis, and nephrotoxic drugs.’
    • ‘Several other drugs used in CF care have nephrotoxic and ototoxic potential.’
    • ‘Critical measures include maintaining adequate intravascular volume and mean arterial pressure, discontinuing all nephrotoxic drugs, and eliminating exposure to any other nephrotoxins.’
    • ‘Synergistic toxicity is generally thought to occur when concomitant nephrotoxic drugs are used.’
    • ‘Patients treated with nephrotoxic medications are at greater risk of developing renal failure.’



/ˌnefrōˈtäksik/ /ˌnɛfroʊˈtɑksɪk/