Definition of neptunian dike in English:

neptunian dike


  • A deposit of sand cutting through sedimentary strata in the manner of an igneous dike, formed by the filling of an underwater fissure.

    ‘Therefore we correlate the ash-fall episode recorded at Katraboca with that represented by the tuff filling the neptunian dyke of Liter.’
    • ‘The sample was collected from the redeposited tuff filling a neptunian dyke in the SW wall of the Liter quarry.’
    • ‘A neptunian dyke is a sheet of sediment or sedimentary rock, usually vertical or subvertical, which cuts across any other rock type and, at first glance, resembles an igneous dyke.’
    • ‘Carbonates from the middle unit directly overlie volcanic rocks and consolidated Messinian marls, cross-cut by neptunian dykes with a bryozoan rudstone filling.’