Definición de nerdy en Inglés


(also nurdy)

Pronunciación /ˈnərdē/ /ˈnərdi/

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adjetivonerdier, nerdiest

  • 1coloquial Unfashionable and socially inept or boringly studious.

    ‘when I was a nerdy kid, I got bullied a lot’
    • ‘his slightly nerdy haircut and glasses’
    • ‘Adam is a shy, nerdy college student.’
    • ‘He's a nice, ordinary guy with enough of a nerdy streak to explain his social difficulties.’
    • ‘He describes himself as a "nerdy" kid whose size worked against him.’
    • ‘By the end of the season, he ceased to be the nerdy kid nobody liked.’
    • ‘He is so weedy and nerdy and in desperate need of a few hours down at the gym.’
    • ‘They ignored him and made fun of him for being nerdy.’
    • ‘The glasses made her feel nerdy.’
    • ‘She's cute, but a little nerdy.’
    • ‘Why do so many people have such poor-looking haircuts and nerdy clothes?’
    • ‘The other day, this old man in a terrible nerdy anorak and flaky skin came to our school.’
    1. 1.1Characterized by an obsessive interest in something, especially technology.
      ‘my incredibly nerdy knowledge of videogames’
      • ‘nerdy sci-fi stuff’
      • ‘Only the nerdiest of flight enthusiasts give these planes a second thought.’
      • ‘This is a work of nerdy creative genius.’
      • ‘There's some occasional edge enhancement, but only the nerdiest of videophiles will find cause to complain.’
      • ‘"Why talk about what's not in the movie?" he retorts in his patented nerdy whine.’
      • ‘If you work only with guys, and you're a nerdy programmer, the thought of women probably doesn't enter your head for most of the day.’
      • ‘This group blog is dedicated to nerdy stuff you can do with your kids.’
      • ‘I was born in New York, went to all the right schools, was a nerdy scientist since the time I was about six.’
      • ‘I was watching an interview with a nerdy computer controller in the US military.’
      • ‘I'm married to a nerdy engineer.’
      • ‘He's both a geeky nerd and a nerdy geek.’
      • ‘Where else is there a comparable gathering of eager, aggressively young law students and nerdy academics that only fellow nerds have ever heard of?’
      • ‘My friends, being incredibly nerdy linguists, decided to make fun of the syntax.’
      • ‘I promise NEVER AGAIN to bore all of you with nerdy stats.’