Definition of nervous system in English:

nervous system


  • The network of nerve cells and fibers which transmits nerve impulses between parts of the body.

    ‘Composed of neurones and nerve fibres, the nervous system is part of the physical body.’
    • ‘Milk thistle was the only herb that boosted both the immune and nervous systems, helping nerve cells produce more neurites and keeping cells alive longer.’
    • ‘The enteric nervous system has a central role in the control of most gastrointestinal functions.’
    • ‘They may also have some effect on the nervous system, releasing the body's natural healing ability.’
    • ‘Japanese bio-scientists are trying to develop the biological neural networks that simulate nervous systems of living organisms.’
    • ‘This molecule is found in all tissues of the body and plays very important roles in the cardiovascular, immune and nervous systems.’
    • ‘According to yoga experts, the practice of baby yoga can also help improve infants' circulation, as well as their lymphatic, endocrine and nervous systems.’
    • ‘Research shows that acupuncture affects most of the body's systems, not just the nervous system.’
    • ‘Thus the nervous system is responsible for rapid conduction of information throughout the body.’
    • ‘Nerve nets are linked to the nervous system in the body, which is, of course, linked to the brain.’
    • ‘They provide us with an opportunity to study cooperation and the processes of controlling the same body with two nervous systems.’
    • ‘The answer has to be that we each monitor ourselves, being mindful of the effects of caffeine on our own bodies and nervous systems.’
    • ‘Once the parasite enters the body and reaches the nervous system it then becomes life threatening.’
    • ‘Those were just brains and nervous systems to him, not human beings.’
    • ‘Not only does calcium help keep bones and teeth strong and healthy, it also helps keep the circulatory, muscular and nervous systems running normally.’
    • ‘Exposure to DDT during development in children may affect the reproductive and nervous systems.’
    • ‘In general, all parts of the cardiovascular and nervous systems must work together.’
    • ‘Your body needs vitamin B12 in order to create red blood cells and keep the nervous system healthy.’
    • ‘And they might be at the root of a host of problems, particularly in the nervous system.’
    • ‘Another possible cause of colic is a combination of the baby's temperament and an immature nervous system.’


nervous system

/ˈnərvəs ˌsistəm/ /ˈnərvəs ˌsɪstəm/