Definition of nervously in English:


Pronunciation /ˈnərvəslē/ /ˈnərvəsli/

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  • In an anxious or apprehensive manner.

    ‘Kevin nervously glanced at his watch’
    • ‘I was blushing and smiling nervously’
    • ‘With a jump he turned and nervously looked around.’
    • ‘The international community has nervously watched the spike in tensions in the country.’
    • ‘Political parties are nervously awaiting the outcome of a court case which threatens to throw the general election into chaos.’
    • ‘They both sat down, and Abigail nervously waited for him to begin.’
    • ‘Elizabeth nervously eyed the clock on the mantel.’
    • ‘He laughs nervously, then moves the conversation on to a different topic.’
    • ‘"I'm afraid I don't understand what you're talking about," Mina said nervously, glancing around the room for an escape route.’
    • ‘She giggled nervously, but Kevin wasn't laughing.’
    • ‘"May I come in?" he asked nervously.’
    • ‘I looked into his eyes as he sat there, fidgeting nervously, and I decided what I was going to do.’
    • ‘Allison swallowed a bit nervously then she smiled slightly.’
    • ‘Laura sits on the couch nervously wringing her hands.’
    • ‘Nervously, Karen dialed the number.’
    • ‘Nervously, she edged forward.’
    • ‘"Oh," I said, looking nervously away.’
    • ‘These students are the kind I like best - nervously eager, attentive, and thoughtful.’
    • ‘We shook hands, both nervously excited about what might transpire.’