Definition of nescience in English:




See nescient

‘It reminds me somewhat of the collusion between cynicism and innocence, in which nescience is the very form that jaded dyspepsia takes.’
  • ‘Past, future, and present, these three times are imperceptible, an ignorance or nescience that is not real, only false.’
  • ‘This is not to deny Lutyens his aesthetic preferences, but it is to point out that preferences cannot legitimize or wipe out a record of nescience and disdain, and of taking the credit without taking any of the blame.’
  • ‘This living entity, covered by the influence of nescience, exists in different forms in the material condition.’
  • ‘A man fallen in the ocean of nescience cannot be saved simply by rescuing his outward dress - the gross material body.’



/ˈneSHēəns/ /ˈnɛʃiəns/ /ˈneSH(ə)ns/ /ˈnɛʃ(ə)ns/ /ˈnesēəns/ /ˈnɛsiəns/