Definition of net neutrality in English:

net neutrality


(also network neutrality)
  • The principle that internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products or websites.

    ‘legislation to protect net neutrality’
    • ‘This week the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) releases its proposed new rules for Internet Service Provider (ISP) network neutrality.’
    • ‘By codifying the principle, the FCC is attempting to limit the erosion of network neutrality.’
    • ‘The battle over network neutrality has transcended party lines.’
    • ‘The network neutrality concept originated with the phone business: all phone calls were to be treated equally.’
    • ‘The network neutrality issue has become the most disputed aspect of an effort to overhaul the nation's telecommunications law.’
    • ‘Taking a look 5-10 years into the future makes the existence of these new network neutrality issues even less problematic.’
    • ‘This is the best explanation I have yet seen for why broadband ISPs hate the concept of network neutrality.’
    • ‘The proposed changes conflict with one of the fundamental concepts of the Internet, network neutrality.’
    • ‘The argument that POTS telephony capacity scaling is a counter-example of network neutrality isn't going to convince anyone on either side of anything.’
    • ‘Farber has urged Congress not to enact network neutrality mandates that would prevent significant improvements to the Internet.’
    • ‘My reason for supporting network neutrality, in whatever form it can be accomplished, is simpler.’
    • ‘Uncertainty over potential network neutrality requirements is one of the major factors delaying necessary network upgrades.’
    • ‘Aside from network neutrality, some senators are concerned that streamlined regulation of telecom video services might take too much power from local government.’
    • ‘On the information superhighway, net neutrality should be a basic rule of the road.’
    • ‘If they can make net neutrality the law, the network providers won't be able to manage their network, traffic shape, provide QoS, etc.’
    • ‘The net neutrality debate reached fever pitch in the summer.’
    • ‘I am certainly open to arguments on the merits on net neutrality, but I am much less open to achieving those ends via regulation.’
    • ‘Unlike so many internet freedom campaigns, though, the argument for net neutrality isn't just supported by a ragtag bunch of developers and techno-hippies.’
    • ‘Feeling threatened, the Internet community tried to push through net neutrality rules that said every packet should be treated equally.’
    • ‘Two congressmen have proposed laws which would enforce the principle of net neutrality.’