Definition of net profit in English:

net profit

Pronunciation /net ˈpräfət/ /nɛt ˈprɑfət/


  • The actual profit after working expenses not included in the calculation of gross profit have been paid.

    ‘the company reported net profits up 7.6 percent’
    • ‘midterm net profit was $58 m’
    • ‘Of that, £9m went to the pilots and other expenses, leaving a net profit of almost £2m.’
    • ‘Elan reported a return to profitability yesterday, making net profits of $17.3 million for the second quarter of the year.’
    • ‘The court noted that the jury seemed to have based its punitive damage calculation on the annual net profits of Anthem's parent - $172 million.’
    • ‘The firm may obtain foreign exchange for repatriation of invested capital, net profits, or interest earned from equity and loan investments.’
    • ‘They're fixated on the notion of net profits at the expense of everything else.’
    • ‘In the financial year to the end of October, HP is expected to report net profits of $4.5 billion on sales of $87 billion, both substantially up on last year.’
    • ‘Titan reported net profits of HK $155 million in the first half, representing a 275 per cent rise from a year ago.’
    • ‘The fall in operating and net profits is a direct result of unrealised fair value gains being $13.56 million lower than in the previous period.’
    • ‘Without consolidating the subsidiary results the bank has reported a net profit of Rs 402.99 crore.’
    • ‘After the explosion Consol issued a press release assuring its investors that no damage had been done to its mining operations and that it still expected to report net profits.’
    • ‘Accounts show adjusted net profits in excess of £150,000.’
    • ‘Simply it is the number of times the company could pay its dividend if it theoretically paid all of its net profits as dividends.’
    • ‘The company said it would pay 25 per cent of the net profit as dividends.’
    • ‘The world's largest producer of made-to-order chips reported third quarter revenue and net profits that met or beat analysts' estimates.’
    • ‘The UK chain has reported net profits of £3.7 million for the year to 31 January, up from £292,000 for the year earlier.’
    • ‘The Company reported a net profit after tax of $5.2 million and paid a final dividend of 4 cents per share.’
    • ‘This is the first time the company reported a net profit of over Rs 500 crore.’
    • ‘Along with the 43 per cent dip in net profits, revenue was up by 80 per cent in the three months to the end of October, hitting $46.4m.’
    • ‘The very high rates of interest then lead to a sharp fall in net profits, and interest payments might even exceed the entire gross profit in the case of some branches or regions.’
    • ‘The Lords confirmed the lower court's view that net profits for tax purposes were not net profits as disclosed in a set of accounts presented to shareholders.’
    financial gain, gain, return, returns, payback, dividend, interest, yield, surplus, excess