Definition of network analysis in English:

network analysis


  • 1The mathematical analysis of complex working procedures in terms of a network of related activities.

    ‘The field of network analysis, writ large, has been dominated by social network analysis, but organizational network analysis can be even more helpful for understanding the nature of netwar.’
    • ‘And for these and other theorists, the Internet is where complexity theory and social network analysis come together in wonderful ways.’
    • ‘The firm also beefed up its Sniffer Technologies network analysis and Magic Solutions helpdesk product lines.’
    • ‘His research focuses on hyperlink network analysis and role of international and social factors in relation to new technologies.’
    • ‘Social network analysis is a closely related discipline looking at patterns of interpersonal communication.’
    1. 1.1Calculation of the electric currents flowing in the various meshes of a network, often carried out by a device used to model the network.
      ‘Our calculations indicate that elastic network analysis is a useful tool to analyze a large-scale conformational motion in large proteins.’
      • ‘We have used network analysis to study gene sequences of the Triticum and Aegilops 5S rDNA arrays, as well as the spacers of the 5S-DNA-A1 and 5S-DNA - 2 loci.’
      • ‘It is also shown how gene dosage-effect relationships can be employed for network analysis.’
      • ‘The convex representation of conservation pools allows for metabolically relevant interpretation of glycolysis and Rapoport-Leubering shunt in human red blood cell and may be more appropriate for signaling network analysis.’
      • ‘Herein, a reconstruction of the JAK-STAT signaling system in the human B-cell is described and a scalable framework for its network analysis is presented.’


network analysis

/ˈnetˌwərk əˈnaləsəs/ /ˈnɛtˌwərk əˈnæləsəs/