Definition of neurobiological in English:


Pronunciation /-bīəˈläjikəl/


See neurobiology

‘In addition, each center focuses on specific research areas such as vascular and cancer biology, endocrinology, or neurobiological sciences.’
  • ‘Neurogenesis has been related to studies of memory and learning at the neurobiological level via ‘long term potentiation’.’
  • ‘The marmoset is a key model organism used in neurobiological studies of multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease and Huntington's disease.’
  • ‘Previous research indicates that PTSD may be associated with stable neurobiological alterations in both the central and autonomic nervous systems.’
  • ‘This session will review how mechanisms associated with this chemical messenger in the brain contribute to and interact with other neurobiological processes and substrates to influence various aspects of drug abuse and addiction.’