Definition of neurodegenerative in English:



  • Resulting in or characterized by degeneration of the nervous system, especially the neurons in the brain.

    ‘an age-related neurodegenerative disorder’
    • ‘Dysfunction in apoptosis can lead to cancer or neurodegenerative diseases.’
    • ‘The challenge will be in identifying the biochemical changes associated with mutations for each neurodegenerative disease.’
    • ‘Studies in Drosophila have been used to improve our understanding of human neurodegenerative diseases.’
    • ‘Furthermore, many of the proteins encoded by genes implicated in neurodegenerative diseases interact with cytoskeletal proteins.’
    • ‘Mitochondrial dysfunction is a common feature of several neurodegenerative disorders.’
    • ‘The loss of ability may be associated with a number of inborn errors of metabolism or adult onset neurodegenerative disorders.’
    • ‘The alpha-synuclein protein, which is found broadly in the brain, has been implicated in several neurodegenerative disorders.’
    • ‘The neurodegenerative changes leading to clinical Alzheimer's disease may begin in middle age.’
    • ‘It can be used to stimulate areas of the brain that were previously inactive due to injury or neurodegenerative processes.’
    • ‘Using this strategy, we have identified 15 mutations affecting at least nine loci that cause gross neurodegenerative pathology.’
    • ‘The researchers hypothesize that the pronounced loss of these neurons could be caused either by a neurodegenerative process or an autoimmune response.’
    • ‘These shape changes seem to be tied to onset of symptoms and may be neurodegenerative in nature.’
    • ‘He was appointed consultant paediatrician at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Children in 1954 and during the next 12 years published first descriptions of many metabolic and neurodegenerative diseases.’
    • ‘Glucose metabolism is a measure of brain cell activity, and reduced glucose metabolism can be a very sensitive indicator of brain damage and an early indicator of neurodegenerative disease.’
    • ‘Some New Mexicans have been diagnosed with neurodegenerative afflictions which disappeared when they stopped consuming aspartame.’
    • ‘Patients with concomitant disease were included if their conditions were controlled, but patients with neurodegenerative conditions and those who had already received cholinesterase inhibitor therapy were excluded.’
    • ‘Postmortem and imaging studies often fail to show the characteristic abnormalities of any known neurodegenerative disorders, leading to the suspicion that a novel neuropathological process may be at large.’
    • ‘Baker knows firsthand the devastating effects of MSA, a neurodegenerative terminal illness that causes slurred speech and loss of muscle coordination.’
    • ‘One explanation is that altered mental state is indicative of some underlying neurodegenerative process not recognized at the time of admission (i.e., Alzheimer's disease or cerebrovascular disease).’
    • ‘Memory loss that impairs function suggests neurodegenerative dementia, which is defined as a decline in two or more cognitive domains.’