Definition of neuromuscular in English:


Pronunciation /ˌn(y)o͝orōˈməskyələr/ /ˌn(j)ʊroʊˈməskjələr/


  • Relating to nerves and muscles.

    ‘Acetylcholine acts as a transmitter between motor nerves and the fibres of skeletal muscle at all neuromuscular junctions.’
    • ‘The family history was unremarkable for any neurologic or neuromuscular disorders.’
    • ‘The respiratory, cardiac and neuromuscular systems were clinically normal as examined by a specialist.’
    • ‘These were followed by the neuromuscular agents (muscle relaxants), carisoprodol, and chlorzoxazone.’
    • ‘Consider a referral to a neuromuscular specialist for possible nerve biopsy.’